Event announcement: Dr. Psyche Williams-Forson lecture

Dr. Psyche Williams-Forson, Associate Professor of American Studies at University of Maryland, will be visiting BU and discussing her studies of visual and material culture as they relate to food in a lecture called “Do You See What I See? Bringing Visual and Material Culture Approaches to the Study of Food.” Here’s additional information about the lecture topic:

Objects speak! Objects speak volumes, in fact. They tell us much about how they were made, who made them and when they were made as well as their social, cultural, and political contexts. In his essay “Mind in Matter,” Jules Prown writes “material culture is the study—through artifacts—of the beliefs–values, ideas, attitudes, and assumptions–of a particular community or society at a given time.” In addition to bespeaking our communities, objects also denote our class and social status, among other aspects of our lives. Food, as an object of material culture, is no exception. This discussion will consider groups of foods—singular and collective—and argues for ways that methods like object analysis inform our lives, histories, and cultures, laying it all bare and making it all the more porous.

Tuesday, March 8
Room 527, College of Graduate Studies Building (871 Commonwealth Avenue)