The Gastronomy Student Association Cookbook is here!

Screen shot 2014-04-03 at 11.10.13 AMThe first ever Gastronomy Student Cookbook is now available! With 49 student, alumni, faculty, and staff contributing nearly 100 recipes, the cookbook is a great representation of our program’s love for all things food.

The cookbook is a fantastic way for students, alumni, and instructors to remember their time in the program and all the wonderful people they have met. Personally, I plan on using it as a sort of yearbook by collecting signatures and pictures of friends to reminisce on. Cheesy, sure, but this program, and the people in it, have had such a huge influence on my life, I don’t want to forget a thing.

Perfect for Easter, Mother’s Day, Graduation, and sharing with family and friends, cookbooks are only $10 (plus $4 s/h, if required). You can purchase them from any current or newly elected executive committee member, at any GSA event or Gastronomy@BU Lecture Series, or by contacting and arranging for pick-up or shipping.

Select recipes include:
Blue Cheese Savories by Barbara Rotger, Staff and Alumna, class of ’11
Fermented Kimchi by Kimi Ceridon, Current Student
Minestra di Fagioli by Carole Counihan, Instructor
Mediterranean Shrimp by Kari Pierce, Current Student
Chocolate Brownies by Stephanie Hersh, First Program Graduate, class of ’97

I hope everyone takes advantage of this fabulous cookbook and enjoys the amazing recipes submitted by members of our very own Gastronomy Program.

Happy Cooking!

Audrey Reid
GSA President
2014 MLA Candidate

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