Food News Round Up

Today marks the beginning of the Spring Break holiday at Boston University, so we’ll hope that at least some of you are reading this week’s Food News Round Up from a white sandy beach somewhere. No matter where you are, may you enjoy chewing on this smattering of food news focusing on systems, conflicts, trends, and food culture fights, plus an oppositional look at urban gardening. Feel free to comment and discuss!

FOOD SYSTEM: Farmers, Seeds, and Water

FOOD CONFLICTS: Workers, Schools, and Chemicals 

FOOD TRENDS: Meatless Meals, Pouches, and Crazies 

FOOD CULTURE FIGHTS: Contests and traditions 

+ Urban Gardening: The Good and the Bad

  • Urban Roots documentary shows Detroit urban gardening as vehicle of self-determination and empowerment
  • Considering the dark side of urban farming; from abandoned goats to discarded roosters

2 thoughts on “Food News Round Up

  1. Really great, diverse round-up of current food news from across the food studies spectrum. Would love to see these on a monthly basis.

    For those interested in food safety, traceability, and systems there’s been a major breakthrough in connecting the 60 year old practice of non-therapeutic agricultural antibiotics to the promotion of both antibiotic resistance in humans and the creation of antibiotic resistant “super bugs” in animals. Quite startling and points to the complex pitfalls of an unchecked globalized commodity system.

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