Local Uncorked Wine Dinner at Local 149

For our new student bloggers or anyone out there trying to get more readers (and honestly, aren’t we all?), one of the best ways to stay connected is by checking out Boston Food Bloggers, a blog roll and communications hub of some of the best food-obsessed writers and bloggers in the city. Besides being a great way to get the word out about your food blog, as well as finding new blogs to obsess over, the author and organizer of the blog (Rachel Leah Blumenthal of Fork it Over, Boston!) does an incredible job planning different networking and social events for bloggers to meet up around Boston. Many of these events are free, and include a wide variety of locations and activities, like cruises, pub crawls, and tastings.

While many of our students run blogs and have attended past Boston Food Bloggers events, one of the most recent outings was a delightful wine dinner, held at Local 149 with wine pairings provided by local distributer Ruby Wines. Our own Emily Olson, a talented blogger and co-head of the Student Association for the Gastronomy program, was able to attend this event and offered to share her recent post with the program’s blog readers. Check out Emily’s personal food blog, What Emily Cooks, and read all about her experience with the Boston Food Bloggers. And don’t forget to submit your own blog to this wonderful website!

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