Discovering A Memorable Feast

Following our look at Dan Remar’s blog, The French Adventure, we’ll continue to highlight student blogs that look at food at new and intriguing ways. Gastronomy student Kate Hamman has put together a fascinating blog that assembles food memories and stories, looking at how something as simple as a taste or smell can invoke strong emotions and nostalgia. 

Check out her story below and explore the blog, A Memorable Feast – and please consider submitting a food memory of your very own to contribute to this exciting project.

by Kate Hamman

Everyone has a story about food, whether it be about their grandmother’s signature dish, a cooking mishap, their favorite place to grab a {insert food item here}, a wacky family tradition, or the best or worst thing they have ever tasted. I created A Memorable Feast in 2008 to serve as a community space where these stories can shine.
The blog has received an incredible variety of fascinating topics and moving memories. Whether it is a rant about black licorice or a heartfelt tale of learning to live with kimchi, these stories offer a window into the profound role food plays in individual lives. I, myself, have written about everything from my fondness for condiments (it’s a bit obsessive) to the klutzy, yet compassionate, killing of my first lobster. The future of the blog depends largely on its community, but as long as there are great meals and stories to share, I will keep publishing people’s edible extravaganzas. New stories are always welcome and can be submitted via the blog.

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