Food in Binary: Identity and Interaction in Two German Food Blogs

Alumna Kerstin McGaughey’s (MLA Gastronomy ’10) thesis was recently published as an article in UC Berkeley’s Cultural Analysis: An Interdisciplinary Forum on Folklore and Popular Culture. Kerstin’s work explores the ways in which identities are mediated and negotiated by bloggers on-line and through more traditional forms of culinary media. McGaughey’s work is on the cutting edge of Food Studies, addressing new media and communication, as well as the dynamic world of culinary cultures. Kerstin’s article is followed by comments from prominent Food Anthropologist and Folklorist Lucy Long.


“Food blogs are increasingly gaining importance not only in the virtual sphere but offline as well. This paper looks at the creation of identity and process of interaction in two German food blogs. Drawing on current theories of Internet and community space this paper will interpret what is occurring in this online group. While the food blogosphere was born in the realm of new media (the Internet) it must by its nature rely on the offline food world, as well as traditional media spheres such as print and television. The German food blogging community acts as an example to observe how bloggers represent themselves and interact amongst each other in this relatively new medium. Media and food are both constantly evolving, and thus an article of this kind is restricted by the paper on which it is written. Therefore, this project is not intended as a final conclusion on the topic, but rather as an introduction to the possibility for exploration and expression.” Read the rest of the article here…

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