A Sunday of swapping

by Khalilah Ramdene

While a diet rich in ramen noodles may be the stereotypical grad school diet, it’s unlikely you’ll find a Gastronomy student sticking to this tradition. That is, unless they made the ramen themselves or had it at a spot in Chinatown.

This past Sunday, a group of Gastronomy students and faculty gathered to share the food they cook and eat. (This article on food swapping from The New York Times inspired the get-together.) The food swap was an opportunity for students and faculty to gather around food in a more casual setting and talk over a generous spread of cheese and wine. They traded an impressive list of homemade food that evening, including hot sauce, citrus curds, pasta, pizza dough, and two different sourdough starters. The food swapped is evidence that Gastronomy students are cooking and eating well, and are sure to have more up their sleeves. The evening ended with talk of the next swap, perhaps with pickled foods as its theme. Sauerkraut, anyone?

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